The Assets for Independence program is complex. It involves the federal government, state and local governments, the private sector, the low-income Individual Development Account holders themselves, financial institutions, and numerous technical assistance providers. The job of managing an AFI program typically falls to mid-level program managers within local social services agencies; those people also have numerous other responsibilities in addition to AFI. The AFI Grantee Handbook is a one-stop shop that walks them through the complexities, helps them design and implement successful programs, and keeps them inspired to serve the target population. Anne Folan & Associates is providing turnkey services: concept, writing, editorial, creative, and design and production.


The Assets for Independence Program, or AFI, was launched 20 years ago and inspired a nationwide replicator network of Individual Development Account programs. Anne Folan & Associates created a comprehensive communications strategy for AFI to promote better information flow among its many stakeholders, to sharpen the messaging, and to leverage channels that had not existed (e.g., social media) when AFI was created.